Report on SILK ROAD WEEK 2020

On International Museum Day (May 18) 2020, celebrating “Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion,” MUSEUMVIEWS introduced a year-long transmedia program of interviews and activities rooted in the spirit of one of the earliest global networks that embodied diversity and inclusion for millennia: The Silk Road.

Inspired by the inaugural SILK ROAD WEEK 2020, ”SILK ROAD Conversations with …” revives “Conversations with …” artists, curators, collectors, dealers and filmmakers which we have been conducting since 2010.

We are equally thrilled to use this opportunity to launch GSHA Global Sports Heritage Association during SILK ROAD WEEK.

GSHA’s mission is to promote sporting heritage in various fields, across generations, and around the globe. Equally relevant to the mission of SILK ROAD WEEK is the celebration of the spirit, heritage & histories of various sports – football (cuju), martial arts, equestrian sports, archery, wrestling, board games, weight lifting, etc. – whose foundations may be found along the Silk Road.

As we (already) eagerly await SILK ROAD WEEK 2021, we will continue with MUSEUMVIEWS’ “Silk Road Conversations with …” scholars, curators, conservators, artists, designers, architects and other creatives, around the globe.

We also look forward to inviting international museum, archive, library and heritage professionals to engage with the sixth annual IMWD International Workers Day celebrations (October 22, 2020), with the theme of Sports Heritage, along the Silk Road. Likewise, the activities and focus of the very newly founded (May 2020) GSHA Global Sports Heritage Association is set to focus on Sports Heritage along the Silk Road. This includes, the very first GSHD Global Sports Heritage Day (February 21, 2021).

See our illustrated REPORT for SILK ROAD WEEK 2020 (pdf 13.5 MB)