MuseumViews | GSHA partnership with Silk Road Week 2021


GSHA Associates may comprise:

1) Olympic, Paralympics, and non-Olympic International Sports Organizations;

2) National and International Governing Bodies;

3) Sports Clubs;

4) Corporate Sponsors;

5) Athletes;

6) Fan Clubs;

7) Philanthropic Foundations;

8) National Ministries;

9) National & International Heritage Institutions – including Museums, Libraries, Archives and Halls of Fame; as well as

10) Freelance Historians; etc.

For further information, please CONTACT GSHA; our Founder Homa Taj Nasab (LinkedIn); or Global VP of Development Frank J Cunningham (& LinkedIn).

GSHAtv In Conversation with Faiz Azizan, Malaysian museologist and sports photographer
GSHAtv In Conversation with Faiz Azizan, Museum Conservator and Sports Photographer in Malaysia