Persian archers from the Palace of Darrius I at Susa, PERSIA (present day Iran), 6th-5th Century BC, Pergamon Museum, Berlin


Global Sports Heritage Association (GSHA – /’ɡeeʃə/) promotes sporting culture, design and heritage in various fields, across generations, and around the globe, with equal emphasis on professional & recreational sports, dance, and physical activities.

In collaboration with athletes and professionals in the worlds of sports, culture & heritage, GSHA engages with Olympic and non-Olympic international sports organizations; national, regional & international culture, academic & heritage institutions; policy-makers; sporting clubs; regional & global brands; foundations; athletes, historians and artists; as well as fans, among others.

Auguste Rodin, The American Athlete, ca. 1901, Plaster, Fine Art Museum of San Francisco


GSHA’s vision is to serve as a unifying global & cross-generational platform for sports, culture, design, and history.

GSHA is committed to help promote sporting culture and history at all levels, from grassroots engagement to elite scholarly academic research.

GSHA is particularly focused on integrating indigenous and ethnic sports into the Western-centric cannon of ‘sports history’ and ‘sports heritage’ as defined by Western-based and trained academics and practitioners.


The Mission of GSHA is grounded in the belief that sports are of critical necessity for our emotional, spiritual, physical, communal, and societal well-being. We are equally committed to the idea that “Heritage is about the future (GSHA).” Together, sports and heritage are instrumental in sustaining a healthy society, and in enhancing peace-building across cultures.

Above all, GSHA serves as a platform that promotes and facilitates networking and knowledge sharing between all engaged players.